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Garden Maintenance Services

The studio offers professional services in Landscape Garden Design and maintenance;

Private Residential Garden Maintenance

I am a very skilful and intuitive Gardener and can provide an in-house flexible and professional landscape garden maintenance service that can be tailored to suit your needs through the seasons across the year.  You may wish to have a regular fortnightly or once a month upkeep, that includes grass mowing, the clippings of which are boxed and removed, appropriate shrub pruning and hedge trimming according to species and time of flowering, border maintenance to include hand weeding and soil cultivation, replanting and division of old established existing planting, or a garden clearance as a one-off service to tidy up a forgotten, neglected garden. 

Additionally I have professional licences and can provide specialist tree pruning and minor tree surgery for small to medium range trees, crown reduction and crown lifting, coppicing, pollarding and felling.  I also repair and maintain trellis climber supports and train plants to vertical walls and trellis frames.  My horticultural expertise is extensive and can be flexible according to your requirements.

Commercial Landscape Garden Maintenance

I provide professional landscape and garden maintenance services to private and public  commercial businesses and housing associations, contracts of which can be arranged cost effectively with specifications and their components. 

Gallery of Garden Maintenance

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